Admissions Procedure

At British Education Korea we are able to offer places to children from all backgrounds – including local Korean families, those with dual citizenship as well as expatriates and international families.

Below you will find an explanation of our admissions process:

1. Call us or drop in and organise a time to be shown around

All prospective parents are warmly invited to make an appointment to visit us for a tour of the building by the Admissions & Communications Manager. This is an opportunity to ask questions and receive information.

2. Fill out a registration form and pay fee

If prospective parents would like to register their child, they are asked to complete a registration form . Availability of places will be given at this time.

[Only at The British Prep] They are asked to pay assesment fees of KRW 500,000.

3. Informal assessments of children and interview with parents

We undertake informal assessments of all children prior to their starting date. These assessments are designed to determine the pupil’s strengths and weaknesses in order that the correct support and resources are provided for that child as they start, as well as to ensure that the pupil will benefit from the education on offer at BEK. It is also an opportunity for the Headteacher to meet with parents and discuss their aspirations.

4. Offer letter

Parents will then receive a letter requesting  If there is no place in a particular year group, the child will be added to a waiting list.

5. Signing of forms and receiving of our welcome package including uniform

There will then be various forms to sign on policies relating to admissions, fees and the release of information. Upon completion of those, a uniform, bag and a parent handbook will then be sent out.

Registration Form

You can download and review the 2018-19 British Education Korea Registration Form from the following link here.

Entrance Requirements

More details are available from the Office. Please refer to our contact page for location details.

  • Registration form
  • Agreement form
  • Bus service application and agreement
  • Medication permission
  • ICT acceptable use policy

Looking forward to meeting you.